Project Ujima works to stop the cycle of violent crimes through crisis intervention and case management, social and emotional support, youth development and mentoring, mental health, and medical services.

The anchor of our mission is to align our efforts so that they impact communities of color on a global level. Through programs, workshops and events, NAC provides reactive and proactive wholeness and healing through unconventional therapeutic support services to those that have experienced a violent and/or traumatic event.

LIFE Camp provides youth and families that have been impacted by violence the valuable tools they need to stay in school and out of the criminal justice system. We provide programs and other holistic approaches to reinforce self-esteem and respect for life among one another and also connect and mobilize youth to prevent and heal from violence in New York City’s most underserved communities.

NCST uses a public health approach in our strategy to reduce violent crime and murder in the City of Newark.

Aim4Peace is a public health approach to reduce shootings and homicides and reverse the violence epidemic in Kansas City, MO.

Ceasefire Detroit is a community-based violence prevention partnership committed to changing community norms about violence.

Boston Medical Center’s VIAP Program helps guide victims of community violence through recovery from physical and emotional trauma. Using a trauma informed model of care, VIAP empowers clients and families, facilitates recovery by providing services and opportunities.

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute assists and empowers families impacted by violence by providing support to survivors of homicide victims. Applying their peace curriculum in area schools, the Peace Institute works to instill the value of peace in young people.

The Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery (CVPR) provides free services to people who are victims of random acts of violence (non-familial), to people who are co-victims (significant others of a homicide victim or community members where a murder has occurred), and to people who are witnesses to violence.

The Boston Neighborhood Trauma Team (NTT) offers the following services for individuals, and communities impacted by community violence: