Let's end violence in our communities.

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Community Violence Intervention Funding is Critical.

Every year, more than 110,000 Americans are shot and over 40,000 are killed.

America’s gun violence crisis costs survivors, families, and communities over $550 billion dollars every year. We must collectively demand that our leaders invest heavily in community-based violence prevention programs informed by proven public health strategies.


Use the search feature below to see how much your state or city is investing in community-based violence prevention efforts and find available funding.

Note: Our research is ongoing and the totals you see here may not yet be complete. Please check back regularly for updates.



The End Community Violence Project

Community Violence Intervention programs have shown tremendous results.

We created this resource to give advocates and community-based organizations a clear picture of funding cities and states have committed to community violence intervention programs, access to available funding for violence prevention organizations, and connections to offices of violence prevention and community organizations working to end violence.

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